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RO With Fruit & Vegetable Purifier
RO System With Food & Vegetable Purifier
RO System With Food & Vegetable Purifier -

As we know, water is one of the most important part of our life. Unfortunately the water we consume can be polluted. It may look clean, and even taste okay, but may contain germs and other impurities that can cause water borne diseases. Our RO is a cloud domestic water treatment system which usses RO technology, which is being used world wide for making bottle mineral water. Reverse Osmosis water purifier purifies stored tank water (even hard water) to sweet and pure drinking water. It makes purest water & removes both dissolved and insoluble impurities. Main benefits are Low Cost Maintenance and Consumables and also Very High Purifying Capacity up to 10 - 15 Ltrs./Hour. Our product is very ideal for installation on every surface. Purified water storage capacity is upto 15 Ltrs.


8 Stage Water Purification System :
Stage 1 : Sediment filter physical impurities such as suspended solids, sand, silt, dust and rust are removed by 5 micron pp filter.
Stage 2 : Pre-carbon filter colour odour, chlorine and organic impurities are removed by adsorption on highly activated granular carbon.
Stage 3 : Inline Micron Sediment Filter removes smaller contaminants and removing fine particles.
Stage 4 : RO Membrane - It is specially designed to remove dissolved chemical impurities. Its semi permeable membrane has 0.0001 micron pore diameter. These pores being much smaller than both virus and bacteria don't allow them to pass through, apart from all other impurities.
Stage 5 : Post Carbon Filter - It has been designed to prevent any possible growth of bacteria at the point of use also removes bad odour and improves taste.
Stage 6 : Ultra Violet - It kills bacteria and virus.
Stage 7 : Mineral Cartridge - It gives sweet taste of water.
Stage 8 : Ultra Filteration - Leftover minute particals are removed by 0.0001 micron filter through this final process.
Extra Features :
1. T.D.S. Adjuster
2. L.P.S. - Low Pressure Switch
3. Food Grade Body
4. Compact design allows easy installation.
5. High pressure booster pump.


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